NETWORK was established in 1983 on the principles of women interacting with one another to exchange information and build relationships. The organization has since evolved on a national level with a history of training, mentoring and developing female leaders, managers and supervisors, despite challenges faced in their careers and personal lives. As the NETWORK Chairperson, I would like to thank the remarkable leaders before me for their passion, commitment and dedication exhibited over the past 34 years.

I am truly honored to lead an organization that promotes continuous growth and development by empowering women to take on leadership roles within the United States Postal Service. Being a member of NETWORK affords me the opportunity to build great relationships and connect with mentors to grow personally and professionally in my career path. I look forward to giving back to the organization and working with the NETWORK members to increase our footprint and build our national brand. We can accomplish this by continuing to express the importance of individual development, mentoring, coaching and giving back to the community. When we reach back and gather the best of what the past has taught us, we can achieve our fullest potential as we move forward.

As a member of NETWORK, I encourage you to:

N – Nurture and strengthen each other

E – Engage and embrace change

T – Treat each other with dignity and respect

W – Walk the walk, action speaks louder than words

O – Offer solutions and be open to feedback

R – Reach out to those in need

K – Keep a positive attitude and SMILE!

Let’s continue to support each other personally, professionally, physically, and spiritually and spread the word about NETWORK.

Thank you for continuing to support the mission and goals of NETWORK.


Jeannine Graham

NETWORK National Chairperson